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Under the guidance of “win the competition by perfect quality”, our company has employed some of the excellent technicians in our own profession and has introduced the most advanced manufacturing technics and equipments since the establishment. We have professionals specializing in quality management. We have established and implemented a strictly controlled and greatly practical production quality assurance system. Each production flow is always under control so as perfect product.

Keys of quality assurance control
1:Craftsmanship of staff
Products of high quality is bestowed by highly qualified and professional staff. Our company trains the new staff differently in allusion to different requirements of positions before getting down to working. They can only start work after having passed the assessment. Furthermore, we trained the staff periodically so as to improve their professional operation level.

2:Equipment and craftwork


Advanced equipment is the foundation of satisfying the requirement of realizing excellent craftwork design. Under this principle and based on the advanced pipe manufacturing experience of the foreign countries, our company researched and explored Coldfroming Equipment,which adopts the PLC programmed control system、Catting Machine、Heat treatment furnace, all of which are the first class equipment for manufacturing pipes and special frock mould by ourselves. We realized completely automatic control during the whole producing process, and avoid the influence of artificial factors to the quality of the products.

Therefore, our company enjoys a high reputation for the high precision of size, the uniformity of the wall thickness of the pipes, and the excellence of 100% solid-melt disposal.

 3:Quality control of the raw materials


Our out-sourcing raw materials come from the qualified suppliers after being strictly audited. After arriving at our factory, except for inspection on the size and Facing and chemical, all the raw material has to be qualitatively examined and has to be quantificational spectrum examined. It is until the examining results meets the standard of our material inspection and the inspection report provided by the supplier, that will we use the materials. After that,we will input all the inspection data into our computer for better management.

4:Control of the producing process 


quality control during the producing process is one of the most important tache of guaranteeing the quality of the products. In order to make sure that the quality of every product is under control, our company adopts the means of combining 100% self-inspection by the worker and sample inspection by the professional QC. We set up quality control reference point. The products of the key working procedure will have to be examined by professional QC before entering into the next working procedure. We separate the deficient products and analyze the causes. Then we put forward amending suggestions and dispose those deficient products. 

5:Inspection of finished products


In order to assure the promise of “no deficient products will leave our factory”, we established the system of complete inspection equipment, advanced inspection measures, professional QC, and quality inspection under the direct management of the general-manager. The inspection center is only responsible to the general-manger and functions independently. So the justness and objectivity is guaranteed. The inspection center functions strictly according to the leaving-factory inspection standard of the products and the standard of sampling. Unqualified products will never leave our factory.